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A brand new house was built on this former 6 acre industrial site. There was very little there in the form of a garden when my clients bought it from the previous owners. My brief was to bring some symmetry to the area immediately in front and to the rear of the house and create a country style garden. The house itself has no symmetry so I started from the conservatory and created a central grass alléé leading out to the fields beyond. There are now 4 x 12m square gardens at the back with 2 on each side of the grass alléé. These are separated by wide pergolas covered in roses, clematis, wisteria and honeysuckle. Each garden can be accessed from gravel paths through a gap in the yew hedges. The gardens are all different; 1 fragrant, 1 gravel, 1 vegetable parterre and 1 children’s labyrinth created from tall grasses. This garden also has a large oval lawn surrounded by shrub borders, a nepeta walk beside the house, woodland walks, children’s play area with sunken trampoline, a rectangular pleached hedge enclosing a green garden, a tree lined avenue and naturalistic planting on the approach to the house and surrounding the pond. From planning to construction this garden was completed in 3 years. Pictures taken 2003, 2004 and 2007.